ECOC 2015

ECOC 2015

ECOC 2015

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European Conference on Optical Communication 2015 from Sep. 27 to Oct. 1, 2015 in Valencia, Spain.

Up to 20-Gb/s multilevel WDM PON transmitter based on self-seeded RSOAs, P. Parolari, M. Brunero, R. Brenot and M. Martinelli.
Abstract: We propose a novel colourless self-tuning WDM PON multilevel transmitter based on self-seeding in two RSOAs co-located at the ONU in a two fold retracing circuit. We demonstrate its operation up to 20 Gb/s with BER below the FEC limit.

Compact orbital angular momentum mode multiplexer/demultiplexer based on a michelson interferometer with Porro prisms, P. Martelli, P. Boffi, A. Fasiello and M. Martinelli.
Abstract: A compact orbital angular momentum mode multiplexer/demultiplexer, exploiting the image rotation properties of two suitably oriented Porro prisms in a Michelson interferometer, is proposed. The effectiveness in mode demultiplexing of this passive device is experimentally proved for 20-Gbit/s two-mode transmission.

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ECOC is the leading forum in Europe for keeping up with the top research advances and scientific discoveries in the field of optical communications and related photonic technologies. With a global attendance and delegates coming from all over the five continents, ECOC provides a unique opportunity for networking and interaction that nobody interested in the field should miss.

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