OFC 2016

OFC 2016

OFC 2016

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Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition 2016

W3C • Fixed Mobile Convergence II

W3C.6 • LTE-A Mobile Fronthaul Exploiting Pulse-Width Modulation in a RSOAbased WDM PON, Alberto Gatto , Pierpaolo Boffi, Lorenzo Combi, Paola Parolari , Umberto Spagnolini, Romain Brenot, Mario Martinelli.
Abstract: Pulse width modulation for optical C-RAN fronthauling of 100-MHz bandwidth LTE-A signals is proved for the first time in a colorless self-tuning WDM PON, exploiting broadbandseeded RSOAs. Transmission up to 20-km SSMF is experimentally demonstrated.

Th3C • FDM/OFDM for Access

Th3C.7 • Very High Capacity VCSEL-based Transmission in Short-Range Systems with Multicarrier Modulation, Alberto Gatto, Debora Argenio, Pierpaolo Boffi.
Abstract: Optimized FDM subcarriers modulation and allocation are demonstrated to overcome VCSEL-based system bandwidth limitations and to match the not-uniform frequency response due to direct modulation/detection, achieving at least 25-Gb/s capacity also over 20-km SSMF reach.

Th3C.8 • NG-PON2 Compliant RSOA-based FDM PON Architecture for Flexible Upstream Bandwidth Allocation, Alberto Gatto , Paola Parolari , Marco Brunero, Paolo Martelli, Romain Brenot, Pierpaolo Boffi.
Abstract: We propose an upstream FDM PON architecture exploiting RSOA at the ONU, maintaining NG-PON2 standard layout with flexible bandwidth allocation. 2-Gb/s upstream transmission per user is experimentally demonstrated, targeting 128-Gb/s overall capacity.

Tu2H • SDM Networking

Tu2H.6 • On the Benefits of Few-Mode Transmission in Ring Metro Optical Networks with Flexible Grid, Cristina Rottondi, Pierpaolo Boffi, Paolo Martelli , Massimo Tornatore.
Abstract: For RSA optimization in few-mode flexi-grid rings, we derive distance-adaptive reaches for low MIMO complexity transceivers up to 5 modes and optimally solve the problem under two different assumptions on spatial flexibility.

Th2A • Poster Session II

Th2A.56 Full-Mesh Optical Backplane with Modular Fiber Ribbon-based SubCircuits, Maddalena Ferrario, Domenico Coviello, Pierpaolo Boffi, Vito Basile, Irene Fassi, Matteo Falcucci, Chiara Renghini, Mario Martinelli.
Abstract: A modular, scalable and full-mesh bandwidth-upgradable optical interconnection between optoelectronic boards is guaranteed thanks to an optimized layout of standard MM fiber ribbons which divides the overall backplane into independent optical sub-circuits.

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The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) is the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. For over 40 years, OFC has drawn attendees from all corners of the globe to meet and greet, teach and learn, make connections and move business forward.
OFC attracts the biggest names in the field, offers key networking and partnering opportunities, and provides insights and inspiration on the major trends and technology advances affecting the industry. From technical presentations to the latest market trends and predictions, OFC is a one-stop-shop.

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