Fotonica 2016

Fotonica 2016

Fotonica 2016

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Our group will be at Fotonica 2016 Conference in Rome on June 6-8, 2016 with the following talks and posters:

Passive Optical Networks

B3.2 RSOA-based FDM PON Capable of 128 Gb/s Flexible Upstream Capacity, A. Gatto, P. Parolari, M. Brunero, P. Martelli, R. Brenot, P. Boffi

B3.4 20-Gb/s Polarization Division Multiplexed WDM PON Transmitter Based on Self seeded RSOAs, M. Brunero, P. Parolari, M. Martinelli, R. Brenot

B3.6 Monitoring an In-Service Passive Optical Network, F. Chiarello, L. Palmieri, A. Galtarossa, M. Santagiustina, P. Parolari, M. Brunero, P. Boffi

Special Session Photonics for 5G

B5.4 RSOA-based Pulse-Width Modulation for Fronthauling, P. Parolari, A. Gatto, L. Combi, P. Boffi, U. Spagnolini, R. Brenot, M. Martinelli

Optical Fiber Sensors

C5.1 Invited, Ultrasonic Lamb Wave Detection in Aluminum Slabs by Coherent Fiber Optic Sensors, M. Mattarei, C. Sbarufatti, L. Martinelli, M. Ferrario, P. Boffi, M. Martinelli

C5.3 Single Sideband Modulation in Brillouin Optical Correlation Domain Analysis, J. Morosi, M. Ferrario, P. Boffi, M. Martinelli

C5.5 Coherent Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor based on VCSEL direct modulation, J. Morosi, M. Mattarei, M. Ferrario, P. Boffi, M. Martinelli

Multiplexing Techniques and Modulation Formats

B7.3 Mode demultiplexing by a Michelson interferometer with Porro prisms, P. Martelli, P. Boffi, A. Fasiello, M. Martinelli

Poster Sessions

P1.14 Silicon-photonic plasmonic waveguides with ferroelectric materials for electro-optic modulators, P. Boffi, P. Martelli, A. Fasiello, M. Brunero, A. Gatto, M. Martinelli, S. Kondo, T. Yamada, H. Suzuki, N. Wakiya, Japan, T. Shiota, K. Shinozaki, P. Ma, J. Leuthold

P2.5 PCIe-based network architectures over optical fiber links: an insight from the ADVENT project, P. Parolari, P. Martelli, A. Gatto, M. Martinelli, A. Albanese, V. Costa, P.S. Crosta, C. Meani,P. Paglierani, P. Boffi

P2.8 FDM-based High-Capacity Short-Reach Systems exploiting VCSEL sources, A. Gatto, D. Argenio, P. Boffi

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FOTONICA 2016 is the 18th Italian National Conference on Photonic Technologies. The Conference is the meeting place of the Italian Photonic Community where the most advanced achievements of research in photonics are presented and discussed. The Conference covers all aspects of photonics, with a particular emphasis on applications in several fields, including telecom, sensors, energy saving, lighting and health.

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