CLEO Europe 2017

CLEO Europe 2017

CLEO Europe 2017

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Meet us in Dusseldorf at CLEO Europe from 25 to 29 June in Munich, Germany and come to see all the contributions of the team:

CH-7.3 28 JUN 14.30 [LECTURE] Coherent fibre optic sensor for ultra-acoustic Lamb wave monitoring in thin metal slab — Jacopo Morosi
Ultra-acoustic Lamb waves detection for structural health monitoring is demonstrated by means of standard optical fibers associated to a novel phase-diversity coherent detection scheme. Fiber optic sensor performances are experimentally compared with conventional piezoelectric transducers.

CD-10.6 28 JUN 15.15 [LECTURE] Random bit generation through polarization chaos in nonlinear optical fibers — Jacopo Morosi
A novel technique for Random Number Generation based on the sampling of polarization chaos induced in an optical fiber by the nonlinear interaction of counterpropagating amplified light beams is proposed and experimentally investigated.

CH-8.2 28 JUN 16.30 [LECTURE] Double slope-assisted Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis — Jacopo Morosi
A Double Slope-Assisted technique combined with Phase Brillouin Optical Correlation Domain Analysis is experimentally verified to achieve a ten-fold reduction in measurement time, while ensuring high accuracy and centimetric spatial resolution in strain reconstruction.

CH-P.36 29 JUN 13.00 [POSTER] Single sideband modulation in Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis — Jacopo Morosi
Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSB-SC) modulation is exploited in Brillouin Optical Correlation Domain Analysis (BOCDA) ensuring high accuracy and centimetric spatial resolution without the need of demanding optical filtering of the anti-Stokes sideband.

CI-P.9 (POSTER) Mitigation of Faraday-Induced Polarization Noise in Retracing Fibre-Optic
LinksPaolo Martelli, Marco Brunero, Annalaura Fasiello, Maddalena Ferrario, and Mario Martinelli
The combination of a quarter-wave plate and a mirror is proposed to compensate for non-reciprocal Faraday effects in retracing fibre-optic links. Experiments proved effective mitigation of polarization noise caused by the presence of electromagnetic fields.

EA-P.26 (POSTER) Berry’s Phase and Orbital Angular MomentumPaolo Martelli, Annalaura Fasiello, and Mario Martinelli
An experimental verification that a beam propagating into an optical fibre acquires a geometrical phase depending on the path and directly proportional to the sum of spin and orbital angular momentum is reported.

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