Fiber optic sensors

Optical fibers are influenced by the surrounding environment hence they are suitable for temperature, pressure, strain, shape, vibration, velocity and acoustic measurements for applications in industry and engineering research. Specifically, here at Policom, the focus of our novel fiber optics sensors is on:

  • monitoring of vibrations and pressure,
  • distributed measure of temperature,
  • measureĀ of electrical current and voltage.

Our research group is one of the founders of the interdepartmental “Laboratory on Fibre Optic Sensors” (LAFOS) of Politecnico di Milano. The LAFOS laboratory was born in 2014 from a joint idea of 4 research groups belonging to 4 departments (DMEC, DAER, DEIB, DICA), each working on very different application with the same technology: optical fiber sensors. Joining the technical competences was thus a natural and positive consequence. This laboratory is revealing fundamental in accelerating and facilitating the development of actual and new activities, thanks not only to the coagulation of the competences, but also thanks to the new instrumentation purchased by the laboratory.

Finally, in 2014, some team members have founded Cohaerentia, an innovative start-up which aims to develop commercial products based on fiber optic sensors. For further information please refer to the official website: external link.